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    Jesse's education started by taking a semester at Miami University Middletown. He then spent a year at his church’s Bible institute. After a year at the Bible institute, he began school through Liberty University online. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Religion: Biblical and Theological studies. 

Hannah has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati. 


Taiwan Internship


    In 2014, Jesse decided to spend some time in China with one of the missionaries sent from his home church. During that year, the veteran missionary was kicked out of the country due to his evangelistic efforts. He had spent almost ten years there, and God had used him to plant 4 churches that are still functioning today. Due to this change of plans, Jesse spent the first six weeks of 2015 with the veteran missionary in Taiwan. He learned a lot during his time with this veteran missionary. He was not only able to observe and take part in helping a new church plant but was also taught how to adapt culturally and live in another country. The veteran missionary had Jesse meet over fifty different people and by the end, he was studying the Bible with two men. One of them still attends church to this day. 

Hannah was also able to spend some time in Taiwan, but due to time restraints related to schooling, was only able to spend a week. This was an important experience for her as it was the first time she was exposed to ministry on a foreign field. Although her stay was brief, it served to excite her about a future in foreign missions and cultivate a love for Asian culture. 

Pastoral Staff

    As soon as Jesse returned to the States from his internship in Taiwan, he was brought onto his church's pastoral staff. He primarily functioned as the youth pastor within the youth ministry. He prepared and taught lessons every Sunday morning to the junior high, and on Wednesday nights he taught all ages of the youth group. Another responsibility that was given to him during the last 8 months of his time on staff was making lessons for the church's adult Sunday School classes. Jesse remained on pastoral staff for 2.5 years up until his family began full-time support raising in June 2017.

During Jesse's time on pastoral staff, Hannah finished nursing school and worked full-time as a nurse. She was involved in serving in the youth group with Jesse and enjoyed disciplining teen girls. 

Ongoing Missions Training 


    Jesse and Hannah are involved in ongoing missions training through their home church. God has greatly blessed Grace Baptist church to have been able to send out multiple missionary families. Due to this, the need became evident to start a mission board to aid home missionaries. There are multiple veteran missionaries that conduct ongoing monthly training sessions via video chat and a yearly retreat with much time given to teaching. There are core competencies that are covered as well as practical advice regarding all the areas of missionary life and ministry. 

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