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Our One-Year Update

One Year Update!

This week marks one year since our first meeting on deputation. Year one has been a year of transition and learning. Traveling is something we are becoming experts at. We are great at avoiding rush hour. I do not forget my dress shoes anymore. We have even learned how to get a baby to sleep that will not sleep in the same hotel room as her parents because she can see them, you put her pack n play in the bathroom. Please do not call child protective services on us. These of course are all trivial matters.

This year really has been great and has been fueled and blessed by God's grace. God continues to show us how to be parents. Our home church continues to grow in their love for Jesus and each other. We have had the privilege of meeting churches and pastors who love Jesus and desire that others see how glorious our Savior is. We were able to survey the city that we will live and do ministry in. On top of all of that we have had people partner with us in the gospel spiritually and financially. We praise God that at the end of year one He has provided us with 46% of the funds need to move to China. In no way do we deserve any of this yet our Heavenly Father and been so kind to us.

In the pictures below you will see some events that are significant to us that took place in the month of August. I was able to be ordained by my church to the ministry on the last Sunday night of August. That night was not so much about me as it was about God and His working in my life through His Word and through my church family. I am grateful always for my church family and the way that God has used them to grow me. Also, my wife and daughter were able to visit a lady in our church who is known by all as an encourager. She constantly makes it a point to say meaningful things and encourage those around her.

I am thankful that my church ordained me. I am also grateful for the men on my council.

My wife and Lila were able to encourage a very sweet and edifying lady from our church.

Prayer Requests

- Pray that we would not only gain financial partners, but real friends and gospel partners that are also spiritually invested in what we are doing.

- Pray that we can completely fill up our calendar with meetings that will lead to the type of partners described above.

- Pray that we would be an encouragement to the churches that we will be with.

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