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October 2020 Update

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We pray that you are all doing well. God continues to be gracious to us and we are sure that you all could say the same. As far as our plans go not much has changed. The necessary paperwork from Taiwan to be able to apply for visas has not come in yet. Once we get this and our visas we can move to Asia to begin learning Chinese.

Calendar Update Our scheduled meetings went great and we were able to be at some new churches and make new friends. This is always fun. We were also able to be with some churches and friends that have already partnered with us but we have not been able to see for some time. It was encouraging to be with them and see God at work in their lives. Our annual missions retreat with our church’s missionaries to Asia also took place this past month. Since God through the coronavirus has brought most of our missionaries home during this time we were able to have the retreat in the US. This was a great time of training, encouragement in the Word, and bearing each other’s burdens.

How to Pray First, pray for God’s direction in going to Taiwan. Pray that God would help to grow our faith in Him and what He is doing in keeping us stateside. God ultimately did not create me for China but for Himself! God has called me to glorify Him wherever I am. I must encourage myself with this whenever I am discouraged that I am not in China. Second, pray that God would use us wherever we are to glorify Him. Whether this happens while we visit churches, while we are with our home church, or while we are with our family and friends may God be glorified.

May God keep and bless you! In Christ, Jesse Green

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